Steep Hillside Garden in Portishead, Completed

We’ve spent the past three months working on this garden in Portishead, overlooking the sea. It’s been hard work, with forty tonnes of soil and rubble removed to create the new garden. We worked to a design created by DRJP Designs for this one.
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20240108 105846

We detail the first part of this job in the Projects section, have a look here to see the beginnings of this coastal garden. The transformation of this garden really is quite something, from the grassy hilllside to a beautifully landscaped, functional garden.

20240209 135849

It was a rainy and therefore very muddy winter working in this garden, but the team did a resounding job on it.

20240222 094416

The variety of materials in this garden work really well together. The juxtaposition of the timber sleepers against the natural stone is eye catching. All of the stone was taken from the hillside and was used in situ. Recycling materials from gardens is always a good idea, where possible.

20240222 094620

I particularly liked seeing this top pathway take shape. Now that it’s finished it’s hard to remember it looking like rubble and mud.

20240227 090822

The paving going down on a job is always a good sign of how things are progressing. The grey limestone patio is complimentary against the red of the stone in the walls.

20240227 090737

A pathway was required to zigzag up the garden to enable planting and gardening in the future, along with being able to maintain and trim the hedge at the very top. More stone from the garden was used to line the pathway, with matching grey limestone. It is now easy to walk up to the top of the garden, and quite fun!

20240311 120311

A timber pergola was created, which serves as a lovely seating area, upon entering the garden. A raised bed is connected to this, bringing the eye around and towards the steps, that venture up the steep terrace.

20240318 090720

The boys constructed a stunning composite deck along with a circular wooden bench, backed with upright sleepers. Using the same materials vertically and horizontally in a garden, or in different ways give more interest.

20240319 100619

We are so pleased with the result of this garden, and we know that our customer along with the garden designer are too. It’s always a special time coming to the end of a job, pretty emotional really.

drakes way 1

We hope you like looking through the completed photos. Enjoy browsing the rest of our site, and don’t miss our Services section, where we outline different options for your garden.

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