Portishead, Somerset

Steep Hillside Garden

The garden was so steep it wasn't really usable or functional. Seating areas and steps up the hill were needed. We worked alongside garden designer DRJP Designs on this project.

Along with creating our own garden designs, we also take on landscaping jobs from local garden designers, in this case DRJP Designs.

We dug out a huge amount of stone from the garden, a lot of which we reused as the stone facing on the smart new retaining wall, and higher up, zig zagging it’s way along the hillside path.


drakes way 1

40 tonnes of soil and stone were removed from the hill to make way for the new garden.

The levels of the garden were carefully constructed so that steps and a pathway would meander up through the steep hillside. Grey limestone paving was used for the lower patio areas as well as for the steps and pathways. This gives good constrast against the warmer coloured stone.

A timber pergola was constructed on the lowest area, which will be the first focal point upon entering the garden. We love the curved wooden bench with upright timber sleeper design, a great seating area!

Tags: coastal garden| hillside garden| natural stone| outdoor seating| patio| pergola| retaining wall| steps| stone| stone faced| stone facing| terraced garden

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