Functional Front Garden

For the past week, the boys have been working on this small, front garden in Bristol. Our design brief was to create a more functional space, with a recycling bin store, and to be very low maintenance. It was a dark, weedy and uninspiring garden, we set about to change that.
20240411 142209

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The Cotoneaster at the front of the garden had become very large and was taking up a lot of space on the perimeter fence. This was removed along with the old fence and grass.

20240405 081338

Stripping out the Cotoneaster opened up the garden, made it lighter and easier to access.

20240405 115952

The ground was levelled to prepare it for membrane, with a timber sleeper border around the edge.

20240405 122832

Once the new fence was constructed, and the timber border went down the garden started taking shape.

20240409 112246

Once the ground was covered in membrane and the border was completed, the area was filled with Chard Flint gravel. It’s light in colour and a cost effective option.

20240411 142209

This bin store was a flat pack option, but we often construct our own. An area at the front was cut out, to fill with concrete, for the bin store base. The circle in the middle is lined with EverEdge, steel edging. A Cherry tree is going to be planted in the centre and then mulched.

20240411 142220

This project is almost complete, just a few finishing touches early next week. Come back to us then to see the end result!

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