Urban Front Garden in Bishopston

We have recently transformed this small urban front garden in Bishopston. Although it had lots of lovely shrubs, it had become overgrown and a bit too much for the family who live here to look after. The fence was rotten and needed replacing and the pathway had become very uneven over time.

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We saved some clumps of the Peonies and a few plants down the side of the garden to keep in the border for the finished garden. The rest was ripped out and taken to the recycling centre.

Once the green waste was removed, the boys got to work levelling the garden to prepare it for a new patio. The pathway was ripped up kept to be reused and replaced.

The edging was relaid and then the pavers, making it now much easier to get to the front door. Whilst the path was being relaid and the patio was being constructed a new gate and fence were installed.

This front garden now looks much smarter and will be more functional for this family to use. The sweeping pathway looks beautiful and creates a good feature leading up to the front door.

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