Reproduction Victorian Tile Pathway, Redland

We’ve recently completed this front garden in Redland, Bristol. The main landscaping and paving had been completed a few weeks prior with a concrete base laid for the new pathway. However, the weather was too cold to lay the reproduction Victorian tiles so we had to wait for a couple of weeks for the weather to warm up.

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The boys did a beautiful job laying the pathway, with tiles from Bishopston Tiles, on Gloucester Road. Thankfully all the hard landscaping including the pathway were finished before Storm Eunice arrived towards the end of February.

The square slate paving slabs were cut into a circle in the middle of the garden border. Top soil was brought in to fill up around this border and around the front and sides of the garden

Skimmia rubella were added around the circular border, with Pittosporum Golf Ball lining both sides of the pathway. These will create a neat, mounded, low hedge to walk between, which will be lovely when they’ve grown.

We then brought in half standard Photinia red robin’s to go around the squared paving, interspersed with Euonymus. The Euonymus will create a low hedge around the Photinia, which can be pruned to keep them compact.

The weather improved after the storm and we spent a lovely couple of days planting up this garden. The last task is to mulch all the borders. This finishes the garden off aesthetically as well as retaining moisture and suppressing weeds. Mulch is so important in a garden.

If you’d like to have a look at the landscaping off this garden and how it looked before we began work, have a look on our previous blog post here. This garden has certainly seen a great transformation!

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