Creating a Pond, Henleaze

We began this garden a few weeks before Christmas and are now nearing the final stages. This garden has seen big changes, with new raised vegetable beds, a limestone patio with pergola, matching pathway and new borders. We have created a planting plan for this garden, which includes a variety of low maintenance plants.

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Along with the garden borders, the last item for us to create in this garden was the pond. Although relatively small, it really works well in the space, with large rocks around it. An Acer will be planted above, to over hang it, and we’ll add pond plants in the springtime.

The boys started by digging out the shape of the pond including shelves for the plants, and to enable wildlife to clamber in and out. Once dug, two liners were added before filling with water.

Whilst the pond was being created more work was done on the borders – scalping and digging over, in preparation for the plants. Apart from the rain this week, we’ve had some good spells of weather, which has been great for landscaping.

Turf is laid over the edges of the pond along with rocks and pebbles of varying sizes. This gives a natural, worn in look. The Acer will look lovely here on the edge of the patio. We are looking forward to planting the pond plants in the springtime, by which point the grass will also have had a chance to renew itself.

A pond is the perfect addition to a garden to draw in beneficial wildlife, help with pest control, gives a habitat for breeding indigenous insects and helps with water conservation.

If you’d like to see this garden at the beginning have a look here. Come back next time to see what we’re up to!

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