Coastal Garden Design, Portishead

In July we began a new project for a customer who had moved to Portishead just before the lock down. Her coastal garden was uninspiring, heavily planted, with a lawn and large shrubs that needed to be maintained. She was keen to make some big changes.

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We took out many of the large shrubs in the back garden on our initial visit, along with removing the lawn. On a later visit we removed the hedge in the front garden. The front garden is more open, is airy and appears larger now that it is not hemmed in. See photos on our previous post to see how this garden looked originally.

This week we returned to this property to carry on the work. Due to the very high temperatures in early August we had to postpone the planting work. It was good to get back to tackling this garden. The team scalped the lawn in the front garden. Underneath was a mat of roots and a lot of builders rubble, the preparation of this ground was hard work. The soil was super dry due to the drought this summer, with the soil being sandy and well draining.

Along with the preparation of the soil in the front garden, in the back garden we laid some Autumn Green Indian Sandstone stepping stones. We brought in a soil conditioner to dig through the borders.

The planting for the front garden is a hot colour palette with a sub-tropical vibe. Mainly hardy perennials, with succulents and a lavender hedge around the perimeter. All plants selected are sun worshippers, with many being drought tolerant!

We worked out a pathway that would run through the desire line from the street to the front door, with an entrance between the lavender hedge. The front garden will be covered in gravel and larger pebbles. The back garden will be planted up next week so come back to us then to see this beautiful coastal garden complete!

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