Productive Garden Design, Hanham

We’re currently landscaping a garden in Hanham, on the edge of Bristol. The family that live there are keen for it to be a more productive space, making it easier to grow vegetables in a designated area, with a pond to attract wildlife, a pergola with raised beds for shrubs and flowers, plus a patio.

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Upon arrival there was an old patio to smash up and remove, with a lot of shrubs that needed removing too. The garden is fairly large and spacious, and was a blank canvas for design, which is always exciting.

Once the patio was removed, Team Jerry built timber vegetable beds that were moved into position. It’s a sunny spot, so veg should grow well there.

The beds were lined to prevent the wood from rotting. They look super sleek and are really going to convert this space into one of abundance and lushness.

Work began on the pergola and timber raised beds, that will roll around the back of the frame. This will also have seating constructed at a later stage.

The boys dug out the pond, with shelves for pond plants, and also to give platforms for creatures to climb in and out from. Once lined with pond liner and a fleece layer, pebbles of varying sizes are added to create a natural feel.

Once the pond is filled with water, it really brings a whole new dimension to the garden, and it starts coming to life.

The base goes down under the pergola and then the boys started laying yellow limestone paving. This paving really brightens up a garden, and has a warm feel to it.

The pathway is dug out and the base prepared. This will run from the back patio door out to the pergola and new seating area. We can’t wait to see this when it’s done… Come back next time to see this garden developing!

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