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At Secret Garden we undertake a wide range of projects and gardening tasks, from full landscape design and construction, down to various garden maintenance jobs. This week George and I set about getting a rather pot bound Chusan Palm out of it’s container and into the ground.

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The garden in question is being landscaped next spring, and the couple that own this house were keen to get this plant into the ground as it’s pot had become cracked from frost last winter. Smashing off the terracotta pot was the fun part, the rest was hard graft!

We started by raking back the gravel and cut through the membrane to create the area that we wanted to dig. Whilst George was working on the hole, I was removing dead Buxus from the border and planting two smaller Chusan palms in the corners.

Under the surface was a huge amount of concrete and stone, which we had to break up with a bar, as well as digging out with a spade and ripping up with a mattock. The hole had to be pretty deep and this took a while to get to the desired level.

The piles of waste were carried out through the house in rubble bags. After a lot of heaving and sawing through the compacted roots to promote growth we got it in the ground. At least the rubbly-soil will give good drainage to the palm.

It was such a good feeling standing back and seeing this large palm in it’s new space. Previously it had been outside the back door, so it had opened up the area and the garden felt much lighter. Our customer is going to enjoy relaxing under it next summer with a good book. Come back to us next time and see what we’re up to.

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