Hillside Garden Landscaping, Long Ashton

We returned to this hillside garden in Long Ashton this week, which we worked on this time last year. Previously we replaced the fence with a retaining wall underneath it.

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The second part of this job was to construct a new patio over the old with another retaining wall with planted border and pergola with screening.

The boys removed rubble and soil to make way for the new retaining wall with garden border. They then dug out the area to build upon.

The patio was laid with limestone, with a curved edge cut to create a pleasing seating area. The wall was rendered with the top of the pergola added at the end.

This job has been hard work carrying all materials up and down the hill in buckets, so we are all feeling very pleased that it’s nearing completion. The home owner is painting the render, so we’ll put up photos of this finished garden design in the springtime…

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