Patching Up Decking

Generally we create newly designed garden structures, but sometimes a customer might just want something patched up. Some of these deck boards had seen better days, so rather than constructing from scratch, the boys were sent in to work out the best way to make this good.
20240426 134826

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The boys set to work removing the deck boards and sleeper edging that were rotting. They took care whilst they were removing the boards, so that the new ones could be attached smoothly. They also dug out a fair amount of soil, to make the level a better depth under the decking.

20240424 110838

Each new deck board was cut to size so that it fit perfectly.


20240426 134826

The timber steps leading from the garden up to the decking were completely replaced. They are now structurally sound and fit for purpose.

20240426 134905

It was good seeing the decking looking in better shape. It is now no longer dangerous, and can be used this summer for drinks in the garden.

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Have a look through our website for more ideas and inspiration that you might like to apply to your garden!

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