Rectifying an Artificial Grass Garden

The landscapers before us, advised our customer to rip out everything from their garden and lay down astro turf, as the lowest maintenance option. It’s a fairly large garden, and we were all quite appalled at what had become of this space when we saw it.
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Due to it’s size, and lack of any trees or plants, it is exposed to the elements, with the sun baking down this week. A low maintenance option it may be, but it’s not a garden. What’s the point of having such a low maintenance garden that human beings, animals and insects can’t enjoy it?

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When the boys arrived, the entire space was completely covered in artificial grass. At this initial stage of landscaping, our garden design is to remove some of the astro turf, and incorporate planted garden borders, with a patio and pergola. In an ideal world of course we’d remove it all, but for various reasons, for the time being some of it needs to stay.

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There are times that artificial grass can be useful in gardens, for very small shaded spaces, for rental properties, for gardens that have no access or no space for a shed to keep a mower/strimmer, and for those with health conditions, mobility aids or impairments. Though it does feel that astro turf on such a large scale as this, when it’s not being used for sports, is really not doing anyone any good.

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The astro turf was cut to create the shapes where the borders and patio will go. A huge amount of ballast was dug out and taken down a ramp, which the boys constructed to get down the steep steps.

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During the hottest week of the year so far, it was fairly gruelling work without any shade. We’re all looking forward to seeing this garden improved. Keep checking in with us here, and on our social media platforms to see how all of our projects are going…

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