Student Property Garden Renovation

For the past week or two we’ve been working on this back garden in Filton. For access we go down a lane to the back of the house. The entrance to the garden was so overgrown upon our arrival that we had to hack through the brambles with a hedge cutter.

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The garden appeared small and dark, and much in need of some TLC. The whole garden was covered in paving, gravel, walls and an old pond.

A shed and fence was pulled down, we took away a lot of wood, but all the concrete is staying within the garden. The walls being rendered and the paving was covered in many tonnes of soil to raise up the level which will be turfed at a later date.

The patio outside of the house was extended with a wall and new paving set over the top. This garden is cost effective and importantly keeps the majority of the materials within the design, which means less waste being transported to tips, which equals less energy, fuel and pollution.

The walls once rendered and painted will transform this space, making it look modern and clean.

Come back next week so see the raised beds finished and the lawn turfed!

Tags: Upcycled Materials