Wildflower Turf Ltd Accredited Partner

We've used Wildflower Turf's wonderful products for a couple of years, and have seen amazing results within our garden designs. So, this week we attended their Accreditation Training Course in creating Wildflower meadows.

They offer a variety of methods for creating wildflower meadows, including seed, a pre-seeded medium for large spaces and varying turf depending on the aspect and location of your space. We particularly love their Species Rich Turf, Low Grow Turf and Native Mix Turf.

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They create their meadow turf via a soil-less production method. It was fascinating being taken around the farm seeing how it is created, and the different trials and experiments they are constantly undertaking.

We were shown their lab where they work with seed purity, trials and testing. It was good to see seed under a microscope.

Their seed bank, where they store their own wildflower seed, harvested on the farm, was mind blowing. We were so impressed with their facility. The whole farm is amazingly run by experienced, passionate people.

It was great seeing the different stages of wildflower turf production, from the pre-seeded medium stage, right through to beautiful flowers growing in the countryside.

It was very useful to see the different stages of plants, to see what was and wasn’t working, and to troubleshoot problems and solutions.

We were shown how to use the pre-seeded medium as well as planting the meadow turf. The number one thing that I took away was how important watering is during the first three weeks, when establishing a meadow.

We walked past this beautiful pond which James Hewetson-Brown planted as a wild flower meadow twenty years ago. This was great to see and envisage in the coming months of summer.

We are absolutely thilled that we are now an Accredited Partner and Installer of Wildflower Turf Ltd. We already have wildflower projects on the cards with some of our regular customers. If you would like a perennial meadow – no matter how big or small – drop us a line to discuss your requirements.