Front Garden Make Over, Frenchay

We've been doing the garden maintenance on the back garden of this new build property in Frenchay for a few months, and during that time we worked on the garden design and planting plan for the front garden.

The construction company who created the estate had laid the turf. It didn’t appear to like the lack of sun and was very patchy. There had been a few large, straggly shrubs under the window. We removed them and in their place planted RTF shade tolerant turf and a Daphne, Skimmia rubella and other shade tolerant plants; which will be much better for this garden.

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The tough job of scalping the lawn was completed, with the ground worked over with a dutch hoe, before adding a dumpy bag of top soil.

Whilst we laid out the plants in the front garden, we also planted extra plants in the back garden to fill in gaps with added colour and interest. We were so lucky with the weather, which remained dry throughout; perfect for laying a new lawn.

The cut out borders are planted with a variety of shade loving plants such as ferns, brunnera, nandina, heucheras and astilbes. The cut border shape towards the pavement has been created to cover a drain cover. Once the plants grow these areas will blend with their surroundings.

As the previous lawn had not done so well we used RTF – rhizomatous tall fescue, which has deeper roots and does better in the shade. We were very happy with the quality of this turf, which was a delight to lay.

We are so pleased with the outcome of this lovely little front garden. Our customer wanted to be able to arrive home and see a beautiful garden, and now she definitely can. Come back next time to see what we’re up to…

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