South Bristol Garden Design

For the past couple of weeks the whole team has been working on a new project in Brislington, South Bristol. Our customer was keen to have a more modern, usable outdoor space, with added privacy; somewhere that they could relax and enjoy time with friends and family.

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We started out by ripping out an old concrete pathway and smashing up the patio. We reused all of this waste within the base of a new, curved patio.

A fair few tonnes of ballast was brought in to level out the top of the new patio area, with a concrete block retaining wall included to create a nice, curving line.

A timber frame started to be constructed at the end of the garden – for decking with a roofed structure above. Lots of holes were dug out for the posts to be concreted in. Membrane was laid out underneath to stop weeds from sprouting up through the decking.

The weather got super cold and icy, but good team work got us through. Once the base frame was complete the screening started to be constructed. We had a good production line system.

Whilst the screening was being put up, Jerry was hard at work on the composite decking. Our customer had chosen Aged Oak effect which has a nice subtle look about it, is very natural in appearance but far more durable. There were many tricky aspects to it, making sure that the deck boards were lined up perfectly, with quite a few pieces that had to be cut to perfection to fit certain angles.

During this time the screening work was still ongoing to a higher level to give more privacy and security to the back of the property. The new gate looks stunning within the screened area.

As we neared completion of the decking and the screening, the boys began working on the new patio. Our customer had chosen a really beautiful porcelain, called Cotswold Ivory. It has natural warm tones to it and is going to look fantastic.

Porcelain primer slurry is painted on to the back of each slab to help with adherence. The same Aged Oak deck boards will be used to construct new steps going up to the back door from the patio. Come back next time to see how this garden has changed!