Redland, Bristol

Secluded Garden with Rill

The garden was heavily shaded, and our customer wanted a more usable outdoor area, including a pond that would cut through the garden.

When we arrived at this garden, it appeared dark, due to bamboo that was encroaching from the edges into the garden, with an old pond that was not functioning.

We enjoyed constructing this garden. A small bridge was created over the rill, to walk over on to the patio.  The water feature will allow plants and wildlife to have a beneficial habitat, and gives the wow! factor upon entering the garden.

The team started off by hacking out bamboo, laurel and self seeded palms from around the garden.

Yellow limestone was used for the patio, stepping stones and bridge, with a sleeper raised border around the edge. The planting scheme was completed and mulched, with EverEdge used as the garden border edging.

The stepping stones down to the seating area look great cutting through the new lawn.


Tags: bamboo| limestone| patio| pond| rill| rill bridge| sleeper border| urban garden| water feature| yellow limestone

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