Block Paving Driveway Nears Completion

Since we posted last week about this driveway, this project has been going from strength to strength. Team Jerry started off by laying the black edgers and then the autumn coloured block pavers.

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The black edgers will really set off the orangey-red block pavers. It will also look great against the timber screen fence. The edgers were laid on concrete, and the block pavers were laid on a layer of stone dust. The driveway will be wacked down to secure them in place.

The black edging stones also look great next to the black aco drains along the bottom edge of the driveway.

Once the driveway was wacked into place the timber screen was constructed. It gives a modern finish, is relatively inexpensive and offers a bit more aesthetically than a normal run of the mill fence.

The last job of the week on this project was bringing an asphalt base layer and 6mm limestone top layer from Express Asphalt Bristol. We used this to patch up the trench in front of the driveway.

We were very impressed with the efficiency and service from Express Asphalt Bristol. We’ll be using them again in the future. Come back next week and see this project in it’s full glory!

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