Countryside Garden Nears Completion

The boys have been doing a great job on this garden in Backwell. The Yellow Limestone paving, used in three different patio areas really brightens up and defines the garden.

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This week the team have constructed three timber raised beds, which were moved into place and then filled with soil that had been dug from the garden whilst levelling another area. We always try to re-use materials where possible in our garden designs which helps with the output of a garden design’s waste.

A liner was laid underneath them, and this will be topped with wet chip for the pathway area around them. This keeps the weeds away and will give a good natural looking walkway.

Whilst the boys were working on the raised beds they were also including a new garden gate, under the Cherry Laurel Archway. A new picket fence is also being constructed to replace this old red one.

Whilst the final stages of this garden design project are being completed the new patios will be jet washed. We can’t wait to see this garden next week when it’s finished. Come back then to see the photos! If you want to see ‘before’ photos of this garden have a look on our earlier blog post here.

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